APP welcomes Kyoto University and Jambi University to visit APP's Integrated Fire Management (IFM) Strategy Facilities and Integrated Forestry and Farming System (IFFS) villages on the 6th November 2017 in Sungai Tapa, Jambi Province.

APP in collaboration with Kyoto University and Jambi University organized a 2-day event entitled "Challenge on Multi Disaster Management in Jambi University: Role of Scientists, Industry and Government" which was held during 6-7 November 2017. The event consists of a field visit to APP's Integrated Fire Management Strategy Facilities and IFFS village in Sungai Tapa, Jambi Province and a seminar held in Jambi University.

The field visit, held on 6 November 2017, was attended by 8 students from Jambi University and 2 students from Kyoto university. Started at the Situation Room in APP's pulpwood supplier PT. Wirakarya Sakti, students had the opportunities to see APP's early warning facilities which monitor hotspots in Jambi area. The visit was followed by visiting IFM facilities such as fire trucks, water pumps and the fire fighter teams. Students were able to see how the fire drill is being conducted in APP. As part of the strategy in reducing the risk of fires, students were invited to visit two villages which was supported by APP and its pulpwood suppliers under IFFS Program. IFFS was developed to help 500 villages across 5 provinces until 2020, based on the agroforestry concept to reduce the threats to forest. In this visit, APP showcased one of the programs which was designed to help the local community with fish cultivation in collaboration with the local government. APP supports the community to market their fishes and also to build their capacity. Another program which was showcased during the visit was APP's support to enable local community to produce compost from cow dung. The locally produced composts are further being purchased by APP to be used on its plantations. This program has provided the village with additional 50 jobs and become a model to the other villages.   


Opened by Jambi University in its Mendalo Campus, a seminar was held on 7 November 2017. The seminar gathered 40 participants from Forestry Department of Jambi University where APP shared its Integrated Fire Management Strategy in one of the sessions. During the seminar several lectures were organized in two sessions and invited lectures from overseas and Indonesia. The invited lectures are Dr. Takahiro Sayama from Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University, Mr. Sujica Lusaka as the Head of IFM APP, Dr. Eva Achmad from Jambi University and Mr. Zainuddin from WWF Indonesia. The objective of the seminar was to share awareness of the need for the role of all parties in disaster management which includes: forest fires, floods, and conservation.

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