Policies & Reports

Referenced below are company policies and reports as it relates to our sustainability efforts and operations.

APP Forest Conservation Policy Progress Update

Company Policies

Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020 Reports

For specific information and reports on APP’s Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020 which was announced in June 2012, please see here.

Company Sustainability Reports

The sustainability of our business is dependent on the responsible management of our operations and our impact on the environment as well as the welfare of the communities around us. Here you can read more about our environmental and social commitments.

25.04.2017 | Laura B.
Happy Earth Day
A few days ago, I read a study which said that 45% of people aged between 18 and 35 feel that they didn’t receive...
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Sustainability Roadmap
Learn about APP’s commitments to environmental performance, biodiversity conservation and the protection of community rights.
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APP welcomes feedback on its sustainability efforts. Your comments will help us improve.
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