Targets and Components

In June 2012 we launched our Sustainability Roadmap – Vision 2020. This remains the company’s comprehensive guide for achieving a ‘whole business’ sustainability operating model. It covers eleven impact areas, each of which has a number of subsidiary and specific goals.

These areas are:


Support the national target for reforesting degraded land.

Fiber Sourcing

(a) 100% independent 3rd party verification for pulpwood legality.
(b) Zero High Conservation Value Fiber.
(c) 100% plantation wood for its pulp production.
(d) 100% Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) certified pulpwood.
(e) Maintain a sustainable proportion of recovered fiber in addition to renewable virgin fiber.


Conservation and Biodiversity

(a) Support the national target to preserve designated protected and conservation areas.
(b) Support the national target to increase the endangered species population.


(a) Reduce the impact of mill's greenhouse gas emissions.
(b) Reduce the impact of water effluent.

Solid Waste

Reduce solid waste to landfill and view waste as a resource.

Water Management

Improve management of water use in line with the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate program.

Employee Welfare

(a) Provide a Healthy & Safe work environment for APP employees.
(b) Maintain employee satisfaction to ensure that APP attract and retain talented and competent people.

Community Empowerment and Welfare

(a) Improve Procedure for Community Engagement & Conflict Resolution in APP mills.
(b) Increase the number of communities that can benefit from APP’s social programs and improve their effectiveness.

Indigenous Peoples

Adopt international guidelines for the protection of indigenous people’s customary rights in the forest.

Human Rights

Ensure that APP’s and its suppliers’ operations are in line with national and international standard of human rights.

Climate Change


(a) Reduce Carbon Emission in APP mills in line with the national target from Business As Usual by 2015

(b) Support Carbon Emission reduction effort in the APP supply chain in line with the national target from Business As Usual by 2020

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