Monitoring Dashboard

APP has developed an online progress reporting system to allow tracking of its Forest Conservation Policy. The monitoring dashboard allows interested parties, including customers, NGOs and media, to follow progress of the FCP on the ground as well as providing access to policies, maps, reports and other documents.

The dashboard was developed in consultation with a number of key stakeholders, including international as well as Indonesian NGOs, and has been widely recognised as an effective tool that enhances supply chain transparency.

You can access the FCP monitoring microsite here. We welcome your comments and feedback on the implementation of FCP.

High Conservation Value (HCV) Assessments

As part of its Forest Conservation Policy, APP is conducting High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments across its 38 pulpwood suppliers’ concessions in Indonesia. All areas identified as HCV, including all natural forest, will be managed and protected. Data and information on the HCV assessments - including the timeline for their completion and results - can be found on the monitoring dashboard.  

High Carbon Stock (HCS) Assessments

As part of its Forest Conservation Policy, APP has made a commitment to protect all natural forest areas, as well as all areas identified as high carbon stock. With the support of its partner, TFT, APP is currently identifying all natural forest and high carbon stock areas across its 38 pulpwood suppliers’ concessions in Indonesia. Data and information on the High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessment process – including the HCS approach – can be found on the monitoring dashboard. 

Supplier Assessment

APP requires all of its suppliers, both in Indonesia and globally, to comply with the commitments of its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). To ensure that all global fibre suppliers support responsible forest management, APP has developed a Responsible Fibre Procurement and Purchasing Policy (RFPPP) and, with the support of TFT, a Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) supplier scorecard. More information on APP’s approach to responsible sourcing is available via the monitoring dashboard. 


As part of the Forest Conservation Policy, APP has made a number of commitments to addressing social issues. That includes a commitment to the Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) of indigenous and local communities in all new plantation development and other new operations, the responsible handling of complaints and resolution of conflicts, and respecting human rights. To find out how APP is implementing these commitments – including progress on a number of pilot projects - please access the monitoring dashboard. 

Peatland Management & Conservation

APP is committed to supporting the Government of Indonesia’s low emissions development goal and emissions reduction target. Part of its contribution to this is to ensure that forested peatland within its supply chain is protected and managed to best practice criteria. Further details on how APP will identify, manage and protect peatland as part of a Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) plan, can be found via the monitoring dashboard. 


APP believes that stakeholders can be constructive partners in helping to improve the implementation of the Forest Conservation Policy. Accordingly, the company has developed a grievance procedure designed to address any issues of concern that stakeholders might raise in relation to the FCP. The monitoring dashboard provides details of all grievances received and dealt with by APP since its introduction.   

APP China

APP’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) commitments apply to China – APP’s other major pulp and paper production centre outside of Indonesia. Due to the complexities and diversity of the supply chain, the approach in China is different from Indonesia.  More information on how APP is implementing the FCP in China – including future progress and performance data – can be accessed via the monitoring dashboard. 

Global Supply Chain

APP sources fibre from all around the world and is developing measures to ensure this sourcing supports responsible forest management. Implementation of the FCP is initially focussing on our highest priority region; Asia – covering principally Indonesia and China. However, APP requires all of its global suppliers to comply with the FCP.  APP is in the process of developing a strategy to ensure that all global fibre suppliers understand and comply with FCP commitments. More detail on that approach will be made available via the dashboard.
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