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04.02.2014 | edie Energy
Complex supply chains 'no excuse' for poor traceability says APP
Timber product supply chains are notoriously complex but this cannot be used as an excuse to avoid the issue of deforestation and unsustainable practices, says Asia Pulp and Paper's (APP) Aida Greenbury.
30.01.2014 | edie Energy
Cutting down on illegal logging through supply chain controls
Businesses with forest products in their supply chains have an environmental, economic and ethical obligation to do their part in cutting illegal logging, says APP's Aida Greenbury. 
29.01.2014 | Packaging News
A fruitful trend in your local supermarket
The fruit and vegetable aisle at your local supermarket is not necessarily where you would expect to come across a packaging innovation.
24.01.2014 | Labels & Labeling
Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) has joined the International Franchise Association (IFA), the world’s oldest and largest organization representing franchising worldwide. IFA aims to protect, enhance and promote...
18.01.2014 | Huffington Post
Shop Online to Help the Environment
The 2013 holiday season underscored a fundamental shift by Canadians in shopping online. By Ian Lifshitz, APP North American Director
08.01.2014 | Output Magazine
Is Asia Pulp and Paper changing its tune?
Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) may - finally - be living up to commitments to fix its environmentally irresponsible business model. We recently met Andrew Coker, APP's director of European stakeholder engagement,...
15.11.2013 | SmallBizDaily
Corporate Social Responsibility Isn't Just for Big Brands
Does your business have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in place? Small businesses and startups may not consider themselves in need of a CSR program, once thought to be the domain of large...
30.10.2013 | Blue & Green Tomorrow
APP making progress to end deforestation in supply chain, says Greenpeace
A report from Greenpeace suggests that pulp and paper firm APP is moving towards sustainability within its supply chain.
30.10.2013 | Labels & Labeling
APP welcomes report on conservation work
Asia Pulp & Paper has welcomed a report from environmental NGO Greenpeace on the company’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). APP’s FCP is an initiative by the pulp and paper manufacturer to permanently end...
27.10.2013 | Ageless Voice
Packaging in an ageing population
With a growing ageing population around the world, things like packaging need to be re-looked at to accommodate this change. Ageless Voice speaks Dr Liz Wilks, European Director, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP),...


14.08.2019 | Asia P.
Protecting the Big Cats with Collective Actions
We, humans, need tigers roaming around in the forests if we want to maintain our quality of life. Why? Because our air...
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