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24.10.2013 | Triple Pundit
Helicopter Flyover of Sumatran Biosphere Reserve and APP Plantations
The following photo essay was created during my visit to Asia Pulp and Paper’s Perawang paper mill and plantation forests in Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia.
23.10.2013 | Packaging News
Liz Wilks: Eco-labelling – narrowing the focus
France’s environmental labelling (eco-label) scheme illustrates both the challenge of communicating product information to customers and the importance of clever packaging design in supporting this aim.
18.10.2013 | ProPrint
APP's forest pledge is good news
 It is very good news that APP has released its Forestry Policy, but even better news that it appears mostly to be sticking to the targets.
15.10.2013 | Business Green
Asia Pulp & Paper calls on Indonesia government to help halt deforestation
Aida Greenbury, head of sustainability for APP, talks to BusinessGreen Plus about forestry, peat land, and managing social conflict.
02.10.2013 | Graphic Arts Magazine
APP and Atlantic Packaging executives discuss responsible global sourcing
Ian Lifshitz, Director of Sustainability for Asia Pulp & Paper, and Bob Hagan, SVP of Sales for Atlantic Packaging, joined other industry leaders in Toronto late last month to discuss best practices for a...
01.10.2013 | Packaging News
EU and Indonesia sign agreement to stop illegal timber exports
Under the agreement, only verified legal timber and timber products will be exported to the EU. Indonesia is the first Asian country to enter into such an agreement, and by far the largest Asian timber...
27.09.2013 | The Globe and Mail
How to write a corporate social responsibility policy
It’s never too soon to start thinking about your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program – no matter how new or small your company may be.
25.09.2013 | Print Can
Why going green means more than a certificate
Industries including the packaging sector are steering towards sustainability and asking for more transparent supply chains, said a panel of experts at the Toronto Region Board of Trade. 
08.08.2013 | Huffington Post Canada
It's Time to Start Thinking About Corporate Social Responsibility
New or small businesses may think of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs as something belonging in the domain of larger companies.
02.08.2013 | Star Business Club
Ian Lifshitz – Building corporate social responsibility (CSR) into your Canadian Small Business
We live in a world of increasing resource scarcity due to population and economic growth, as well as rising global consumer awareness of and concern for sustainability (especially among Millennials). These...


14.08.2019 | Asia P.
Protecting the Big Cats with Collective Actions
We, humans, need tigers roaming around in the forests if we want to maintain our quality of life. Why? Because our air...
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