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23.09.2014 | Sustainable Brands
Collaboration Key to Survival of Forestry Businesses and the Planet
The world’s forests have today been given what we can only hope is a realistic reprieve. The New York Declaration on Forests marks a watershed in the global effort to contain, then halt deforestation around...
22.09.2014 | Supply Management
It's time for all businesses to adopt zero deforestation policies
Good quality and low prices were once the goal of any business hoping to attract customers but, in today’s world, this is no longer enough. Consumer attitudes have changed and people now demand ethically...
09.09.2014 | ProPrint
Research says APP has enough trees
Asia Pulp & Paper says independent research shows it has enough supply from its existing plantations to meet current and future demand without destroying natural forest.
08.09.2014 | Packaging News
APP lays down the saw
In February 2013, Asia Pulp and Paper Group documented its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) with significant input from Greenpeace. This included an undertaking to produce pulp and paper that is free from...
05.09.2014 | GreenBiz
Why Asia Pulp and Paper's zero-deforestation policy holds weight
Just over 18 months ago, Asia Pulp and Paper made a landmark commitment to cease all forest clearance activity. 
05.09.2014 | Mongabay
APP can meet projected pulp demand without clearing more forest
Indonesian forestry giant Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) won't need to clear additional forests to meet pulp requirements for current and forecast mill expansion, finds an independent assessment conducted by The...
04.09.2014 | Environmental Leader
Study: APP Has Sufficient Plantations for Zero Deforestation
Asia Pulp and Paper Group has sufficient plantation resources to meet the pulp requirements of its existing mills and its future mill in OKI, South Sumatra, according to an independent study by The Forest...
04.09.2014 | Sustainable Brands
Independent Study Shows APP Has Enough Plantation for Its Zero Deforestation Commitment
An independent study released Wednesday has confirmed that Asia Pulp and Paper Group (APP) has sufficient plantation resources to meet the pulp requirements of its existing mills as well as its future mill in...
03.09.2014 | Greener Package
Study confirms APP has resources to meet zero deforestation commitment
An independent study has confirmed that Asia Pulp and Paper Group (APP) has sufficient plantation resource to meet the pulp requirements of its existing mills as well as its future mill in OKI, South Sumatra.
03.09.2014 | Business Green
Why Asia Pulp and Paper's zero deforestation policy looks like it is here to stay
NGO report confirms APP has enough plantation supply for all current and planned paper mills.


14.08.2019 | Asia P.
Protecting the Big Cats with Collective Actions
We, humans, need tigers roaming around in the forests if we want to maintain our quality of life. Why? Because our air...
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