18.05.2016 |
Building Trust Within a Global Supply Chain
For the past several years, APP has been a proud member of the Sustainable Consortium, as a matter of fact, we co-chair the consortiums Pulp &...
27.04.2016 |
Innovative Conversation on Deforestation
I recently was proud to represent Asia Pulp and Paper as an attendee and speaker at the Innovation Forum conference in Washington DC. The meeting...
18.12.2015 |
Unwrapping a Friendlier Future for the Elderly
To better serve senior citizens, the Hong Kong SAR has earmarked HK$1.04 trillion of public money to spend on non-residential elderly services.
25.11.2015 |
Working on Fire, Live in Action
Two months since the first haze covered the blue skies of Sumatra, and several areas were still in a very concerning state. Yet, something seemed...
20.11.2015 |
What’s the background of your package?
How important a role does packaging play in a purchase? How about sustainable packaging? Are people willing to spend a bit extra if they know the...
06.11.2015 |
Sustainability Takes the Stage
Recently, I shared the stage at TAPPI, one of the world’s premiere organization’s dedicated to the pulp and paper industries. TAPPI invited Asia Pulp...
29.10.2015 |
Mapping the origins of fires
To read in Bahasa, click here Forest fires are a problem that has blighted Indonesia, its people, its environment and its economy for years. APP...
Channel NewsAsia, Aida Greenbury, Asia Pulp & Paper
23.10.2015 |
Aida Greenbury Interview with Channel NewsAsia
Asia Pulp and Paper's managing director of sustainability, Aida Greenbury was a recent guest on Channel NewsAsia. The topic of discussion included...
Asia Pulp Paper fire response
20.10.2015 |
Fire Footage
We do not burn land and fires are never acceptable. APP is fully committed to transparency on forest fires, helping to stop them and setting a higher...
17.09.2015 |
APP Signs “Road to Paris” Commitment to Address Climate Change
January 1st will mark my six year anniversary as Director of Sustainability for Asia Pulp & Paper, during that brief period of time, I could have...


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