APP has a wide range selection of paper products which provide various benefits to customers. Find out more about our products types below.

Speciality Paper

Impressions is an excellent NCR paper which uses non-tinting properties. It has a signature color that is attractive. Impressions superior performance gives it a long shelf life while being environmentally-friendly.

Paperline is a top quality premium color paper. It gives excellent offset print quality, high print dot definition, great print sharpness of text and graphics, and uniform ink coverage on any offset printing jobs. Paperline is suitable for the following applications: Photocopy Paper, Agenda Office Use, Personal Use 

Sinar Spectra is quality, acid free paper with various color options. Sinar Spectra is suitable for the following applications: Photocopy Paper, Agenda, Personal Use, Office Use 

Golden Coin is one of Indonesia's longest standing paper and board products, and is representative of the exceptional quality that is available. It delivers super performance as art paper, art board, color woodfree, brief card, embossed board, embossed buffalo hide, etc.

Ecto (BCAC), also known as Blue Center Art Card, is a coated paper with blue color in the center. Ecto (BCAC) offers high opacity, a good surface, high gloss after printing, good dimensional stability and good internal bonding. With ISO brightness of 78%, Ecto (BCAC) was designed for playing card base paper. It is available in 240 – 420 gsm.

Enza MG is an uncoated paper with machine glazed paper with one side glossy and one side smooth. It has clean surfaces, good dimensional stability and complies with the U.S. FDA & ISEGA requirements. Enza MG is suitable for direct food contact.

Grammage Range (g/m2): 30, 50 and 100 

Applications: Laminating with aluminum foil for cigarette packaging and chewing gums. Laminated with plywood for furniture. PE coating for sugar, powder, jelly powder, medical & pharmaceutical products.

Stationery Paper

SinarLine offers excellent writing for your working environment in a full range of school and office stationary. SinarLine products are not just stylish but also functional. SinarLine is the ideal companion for the office or classroom.

Texper is a quality stationery paper suitable for personal and office use. The product varies from envelope, leaf loose paper, folder, memo, pad to  fancy printing. 

Enlivo is specially designed for school and office stationery. Our collection ranges from drawing books and notepads to legal pads and more. Enlivo is beautifully designed to complete your writing and creative needs.

Inspira is a worldwide registered brand for professional stationery and notebooks. It is stylishly designed with high quality materials. Inspira has an elegant cover and touch qualities.

Graphical Paper

Paperline Gold is especially designed for multipurpose applications such as high speed photocopy, color and b/w laser and ink jet printing and plain fax machines. It is available in cut size forms and is perfect for important documents, presentation materials, reports and brochures.

IK Yellow is a multifunction business paper, widely available in all sizes and weights. It offers exceptional image quality, sharp and clear document reproduction and reduced text see-through. IK Yellow is suitable for two-side printing and a perfect partner for the most demanding office equipment such as high-speed copiers, laser & inkjet printers and fax. IK Yellow is available in 70 & 80 gsm.

Bola Dunia is multi-purpose photocopy paper which is designed to meet a wide range of applications such as high speed copying, simplex and duplex jobs, b/w and color laserjet, inkjet and plain fax. Bola Dunia is certified with ISO 9706 so that it will keep documents for over a hundred years without deterioration, which makes itinvaluable for archive use. It is available in 70 & 80 gsm in.

IK X-Brite was introduced in 2010 as a premium product. It was the result of widespread market research in Asia, Middle East, North America and Europe and is a universal high quality paper. 

Integrite is a superior inkjet paper for monochrome, spot and process color print jobs. It offers superb print sharpness, excellent water-fastness, good optical density, and high smoothness.

Grammage Range (g/m2): 90 and 100

Applications: Home, office, and also industrial, high-volume high-speed inkjet printing

Recommended Printing Method: Dye-Based and Pigment-Based Inkjet Printer

ExcelPro offers high smoothness and brightness paper for digital color printing applications with recovered fibre content.

Grammage Range (g/m2): 90, 100, 120, 160, 200 and 250

Applications: Color and B/W photocopy, laser and inkjet color printer

Recommended Printing Method: Various high speed digital printing machines

Extraprint is a superior uncoated woodfree offset paper with excellent smoothness and brightness delivering impressive print image reproduction quality.

Available gsm: 70 - 120 gsm.

Application: Advertisement materials, premium publishing, magazines,  text books,  company profiles, manuals, leaflets,  invitation & greeting cards, index cards, file folders.

Suitable for: General offset printing for premium print images.

Features & Benefits: 
• Excellent for high speed web and sheet-fed offset printing.
• High brightness 98% with smooth surface for fine print results. 
• Excellent opacity for both sides printing.

Instant Pre Print’s optimized sheet structure guarantees excellent results for offset printing followed by laser or inkject printing. Quick ink drying time means a short time gap between the two applications yet results in excellent image resolution.


Compatibility with standard inks on offset machines and sharp print quality are the hallmarks of Instant Pre Print. Optimized smoothness promotes excellent image reproduction whereas extra white and bright sheets develop great contrast after printing. It is available in 70, 80, 90 and 100 gsm.

Arcadia 2000 is a new, top quality premium cast coated paper specifically designed for luxury products - wine and liquor labels, premium magazines and other high end products. It is available from 80 to 350 gsm.

Concorde is a premium cast coated board with a high gloss and high smoothness for the premium packaging market. It is also excellent for graphical art applications. It has a superior gloss finish which remains after printing and is U.S. FDA certification for food packaging applications. Concorde is a very suitable for perfume packaging, CD/DVD covers, promotional posters, menu cards and a host of other applications. It is available from 80 -350 GSM (Sheet and Roll).

Trutone Technology

APP was the first paper company in the world to develop TRUTONE technology, a breakthrough for inkjet printing. It is a multi-purpose paper which features darker solid black, absense of mottle, brighter and sharper images than before, higher color range, no bleeding, controlled ink absorption and fast ink drying time.