In June 2012 we published our ‘Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020’. This was a milestone in our history. It committed us to a journey that places sustainability at the heart of every facet of our operation. This is not an easy path and we are clear about the challenges that lie ahead.

However, we have accelerated the pace of change already. On February 5th 2013 we published our new Forest Conservation Policy, the most significant part of which was the announcement of an immediate end to all natural forest clearance throughout our entire supply chain. 

Our goal is clear - No Deforestation.

This applies to our entire supply chain, now and in the future. We are working with The Forest Trust (TFT) and a number of other NGOs and stakeholders to oversee our implementation of the policy and monitor our progress.

Like many businesses we need to balance the world’s demand for products against the natural resources available to deliver them. In our case, we operate in a particularly sensitive area, and natural capital is the root of our own capital. The issues for us are climate, conservation, community, and commerce and we are determined to find a way to enable these four to thrive in harmony with each other.

In this section of our website you can see in more detail what we plan and what we already do.


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