Community Engagement

We work and live in a part of the world where local communities are dependent on their immediate surroundings for their livelihood, and often for their food and drink, clothing, and building material. These communities are often quite remote, and many lack access to the basic resources that would be taken for granted in urbanized and industrialized parts of the world. 

As a major business and employer, as well as a business that depends on the same environment, we believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the social development of the communities where we operate. Our sustainability as a business – and the sustainability of our surroundings and resources – is closely related to the welfare of the people who live around us.

We have divided our community support into four key segments – Health, Economic Empowerment, Education, and FPIC (Free Prior and Informed Consent).

14.08.2019 | Asia P.
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Sustainability Roadmap
Learn about APP’s commitments to environmental performance, biodiversity conservation and the protection of community rights.
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