APP empowers local people to be able to take control of enhancing their quality of life through open access to education for all through a series of scholarships for all levels of education. From elementary school to the university level, APP provides necessities such as adequate facilities and infrastructure, transportation and school supplies.

In addition to supporting education activities in nearby areas, some of APP’s mills also provide ‘on the job’ training programs where universities and vocational high schools from the surrounding areas can send their students to learn first-hand about the pulp and paper making industry under the guidance of skilled and experienced practitioners.

Read about these initiatives below.

Growing big ideas from small community projects
Great things can happen when adults take orders from a bunch of kids, says Andar Tarihoran. Tarihoran is a worker at one of APP’s mills, PT Pindo Deli Pulp & Paper Mills in Karawang (Pindo Deli Karawang), who has helped develop the mill’s new...
Driving higher graduation rates: Lontar Papyrus free after school classes
In a single academic year, three schools in Tebing Tinggi, Jambi, successfully increased graduation rates for grade 9 and 12 students to nearly double than that of the previous year. They went from having a less than 50 percent graduation rate, to...
Fields of dreams: School campus offers big-city opportunities to remote village
Students, parents, teachers and administrators at the Mayang Mangurai Foundation (YPMM) schools in Tebing Tinggi are proud of their facilities, and it’s easy to see why. Within a sprawling campus of carefully manicured athletic fields and freshly...
14.08.2019 | Asia P.
Protecting the Big Cats with Collective Actions
We, humans, need tigers roaming around in the forests if we want to maintain our quality of life. Why? Because our air...
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