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15.08.2018 |
Fourth consecutive visit to Asia Pulp & Paper facilities in Riau, Sumatra by Sakado High School
On 15th August 2018 , we received a group students and teachers from Sakado High School to the facilities of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) in Perawang. The school has been sending  their students to the facility since 2014 for them to learn and understand the pulp and paper production process, whilst ensuring forest conservation in Indonesia...
26.06.2018 |
Sustainability – using the power of supply chains
Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding sustainably sourced products, so companies are looking at how their businesses and their supply chains impact issues such as climate change, deforestation and use of plastics. To do this effectively, companies need to take a systematic approach, including setting long term goals.  The ‘Sustainable...