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Aida Greenbury spearheads sustainability and stakeholder outreach activities for Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), the third largest pulp and paper producer in the world. The company operates dozens of manufacturing facilities along with a landbank of close to three million hectares of pulpwood concessions worldwide. As APP's primary point of contact with a diverse range of stakeholders, such as leading industry players, financial institutions, inter-governmental organizations, media, civil and academic societies, Aida works tirelessly to ensure a long-term responsible economic, social and environmental approach to paper-making through the facilitation of productive, ongoing dialogue. To achieve this, Aida manages and is supported by a global Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement Team and various international best-in-field experts.

Since joining APP in 2004, she has been the key player behind major sustainability achievements in APP's supply chains, forest conservation programs and the chief architect of APP's Sustainability Roadmap. She is the driving force behind the establishment of the company's sustainability policy and its implementation, APP's Ecolabel, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), EU-origin Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) and Indonesian Ecolabelling Institute (LEI) product certifications. Aida also initiated a strict Raw Material Legality, Traceability Verification & Risk Evaluation policy along with the associated independent audits. This policy required APP to restructure its fiber source supply and was implemented to ensure the non controversiality & legality of all fiber entering APP pulp mills. Acquisitions and policy restructuring in newly merged businesses and associates are also Aida's responsibility.

Other milestones include the establishment of an internal legality-sustainability certification system to comply with the Green Purchasing Law of Japan for all APP production facilities and fiber sources, as well as the development of the first ever APP Corporate Sustainability Report. In 2007, Aida introduced and has since been implementing a holistic combination of Carbon & Social Footprint Assessments to drive the company toward carbon neutrality and to ensure it has a social license to operate in what is one of the world's most complex political and socioeconomic geographies. This approach is believed to be the first such Carbon-Socio Footprint in the industry worldwide. In 2008, Aida represented APP for the Climate Action Programme, a UK-based initiative by Sustainable Development International in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which aims to assist businesses in reducing emissions and fighting climate change. The second stage of Carbon Emission Monitoring included Life Cycle Assessment of APP's common products, carbon impact assessment of APP's pulpwood plantation and REDD programs.

To keep stakeholders informed, Aida authors regular APP Stakeholder Updates which are distributed to more than 10,000 stakeholders worldwide. She is frequently asked to speak at global sustainability seminars and to provide advice for inter-governmental sustainability policies. In 2010, Aida was voted as one of the Top 50 most powerful people in the pulp and paper industry worldwide by Pulp & Paper International.

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Asia Pulp Paper fire response
20.10.2015 |
Fire Footage
We do not burn land and fires are never acceptable. APP is fully committed to transparency on forest fires, helping to stop them and setting a higher standard of sustainability. To help tackle recent fires we have deployed 2,900 trained firefighters and fire suppression helicopters are working...
24.05.2015 |
Tragedy sparks new approach to community relations: a new beginning...
Yesterday morning, a mass prayer and traditional ceremony was held at the Lubuk Mandarsah village in Jambi Sumatra to mark the tragic death three months ago of a local community member Mr Indra Pelani. The ceremony was presided over by the customary organisation official of Tanjung Beringin hamlet...
05.05.2015 |
Does the latest Global Forest Watch Data show zero deforestation is having an impact?
  As 2013 data from the World Resources Institute shows Indonesia’s annual tree cover loss declining to its lowest point in nearly a decade, Aida Greenbury of Asia Pulp & Paper asks whether it could be the beginning of a trend.   This month saw the release of the latest Global Forest Watch data...
05.02.2015 |
Independent evaluation, a crucial part of our Zero Deforestation journey
Today marks two years since we launched our Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) and the anniversary is particularly significant as the Rainforest Alliance is publishing its independent evaluation of our progress. I believe this may be the first time that any company attempting to implement ‘zero...
05.11.2014 |
Action on Zero Deforestation Needed Now
Transparency and building trust with stakeholders across business, civil society and government has been the principle foundation upon which our zero deforestation commitment has been built.
A Survival Guide for Forestry Businesses and the Planet
23.09.2014 |
A Survival Guide for Forestry Businesses and the Planet
The world’s forests have today been given what we can only hope is a realistic reprieve. The New York Declaration on Forests marks a watershed in the global effort to contain, then halt deforestation around the world.
03.09.2014 |
APP’s Zero Deforestation Journey
It has been 18 months since we embarked on our Zero Deforestation journey with the introduction of our Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). It is truly inspiring to look back at that period and see what has been achieved, as we launch our latest FCP update report. Since we launched the FCP last year,...
01.06.2014 |
The New Norm of Zero Deforestation
If the world is to continue to benefit from forest-based products, then Zero Deforestation policies have to become the ‘new norm’ for the businesses who profit from them. Not only that, but protecting and restoring forests is the shared responsibility of the entire supply chain. That includes...
09.05.2014 |
My Speech at Forests Asia
I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at the Forest Asia Summit in Jakarta, organised by CIFOR earlier this week. The Summit saw over 1,000 forestry stakeholders from governments, businesses, civil society, development organisations and the scientific community, gather to share knowledge.
06.02.2014 |
APP: Ending deforestation in Indonesia needs further collaboration
Yesterday was a major milestone in APP’s sustainability journey. It marked the first anniversary of our Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). The last 12 months has been a lot of hard work, with many successes as well as challenges. Nonetheless, the 1st anniversary of the FCP is a good moment to step...