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Ian Lifshitz is the North American director of sustainability and public affairs for Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP). He is responsible for leading the company's sustainability and media relations and other related stakeholder engagement programs across Canada, the United States and South America. Ian is also charged with leading the company's North American CSR activities, translating many of APP's successful conservation, biodiversity and social community programs to American audiences.

Ian is a strong advocate of emerging nations' rights to independently manage their own natural resources, while balancing economic and environmental priorities. He is a regular contributor to both environmental and paper industry publications, as well as a regular participant in industry roundtables and forums.

Ian has 15 years of strategic communication expertise, and has consulted with many international organizations, developing environmental and corporate social responsibility programs.

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03.11.2016 |
Sustainable Paper Sourcing Options for Educational Institutions
Sustainable sourcing is at the forefront for many industries -- retail, government, hospitality to name a few, but right now, one of the most important sectors driving sustainable change  is educational institutions.  It makes sense as this "next generation" has historically been responsible and...
24.10.2016 |
Global Brands Align Behind Landscape Conservation
For I was honored to be invited as one of the speakers at SPC Advance 2016, an annual conference on the latest trends and issues in sustainable packaging for the members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, including global brands such as Unilever, Mattel, Coca Cola, Walmart and Disney.
18.05.2016 |
Building Trust Within a Global Supply Chain
For the past several years, APP has been a proud member of the Sustainable Consortium, as a matter of fact, we co-chair the consortiums Pulp & Paper working group.  I recently attended their annual members summit in Washington, DC.  One of the primary themes of the conference was addressing...
17.09.2015 |
APP Signs “Road to Paris” Commitment to Address Climate Change
January 1st will mark my six year anniversary as Director of Sustainability for Asia Pulp & Paper, during that brief period of time, I could have never imagined the amount of sustainability progress I have seen both, within my own organization as well as on a global scale.
12.08.2015 |
Asia Pulp & Paper Named Finalist for PPI 2015 Environmental Strategy of the Year Award
We are honored to announce that Asia Pulp & Paper has been nominated for the prestigious Pulp & Paper International 2015 Environmental Strategy of the Year Award.
15.04.2015 |
Has Zero Deforestation Become an Industry Standard?
By Ian Lifshitz and Michael McManus Recently, The Wall Street Journal held its annual ECO:nomics conference to discuss the most pressing environmental topics of our day. Asia Pulp and Paper was proud to be a part of this important discussion.
28.01.2015 |
Having the ‘write’ meaning
For Canada’s hopeless romantics, receiving a cute email or e-card like the above on Valentine’s Day likely won’t be as meaningful or carry as much sentiment this February 14th as intended by the sender. In fact, according to a recent survey1 conducted in North America by Asia Pulp & Paper, 58...
19.01.2015 |
Bold Moves to Ensure Supply Chain Sustainability
I spend a lot of time discussing environmental and social issues around sustainability, both here and in other publications. I often focus on the risks and opportunities, and how they relate to a company’s entire supply chain. At Asia Pulp & Paper, it’s something that’s at the core of the...
Asia Pulp Paper procurement
25.09.2014 |
The Critical Role of Sustainable Sourcing
International leaders must grapple with a variety of issues each day but this week, attention has been focused on the environment.
08.07.2014 |
Every Voice Matters
A couple of months ago, I received a letter from three 5th grade students and their teacher from the Aquila Elementary School in St. Paul, Minnesota.  As part of a class project called “Every Voice Matters,” the students wrote to Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) office in North America thanking us for...