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Michael McManus is the Communications Director for Asia Pulp & Paper in North America.

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03.11.2016 |
A Holistic Approach to Sustainability
It’s truly an exciting time to be a part of the holistic sustainability movement that is happening globally and across governments, consumers, NGOs and from my perspective, industry. I liken sustainability like technology. It’s moving in fast forward – so quick in fact that many of us are...
27.04.2016 |
Innovative Conversation on Deforestation
I recently was proud to represent Asia Pulp and Paper as an attendee and speaker at the Innovation Forum conference in Washington DC. The meeting focused on efforts around tackling deforestation.
20.11.2015 |
What’s the background of your package?
How important a role does packaging play in a purchase? How about sustainable packaging? Are people willing to spend a bit extra if they know the items they are buying as well as the packaging surrounding that item are sustainable?  These were just a few of the questions I, along with 200 others...
21.08.2015 |
The Restaurant Show: Not just for Foodies Anymore
Asia Pulp & Paper is proud of our association with the National Restaurant Association. It’s membership is chock full of all types of restaurants and hospitality companies and those who support them. At their annual conference in Chicago, no less than 70,000 attendees walk through the...
Starlight Children's Foundation, APP, Asia Pulp and Paper
27.05.2015 |
What does it take to make a positive difference in the world?
What does it take to make a positive difference in the world? It can take the form of just about anything, but the end goal can make a big impact. From a few minutes of volunteering to a large organized effort, the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life should not be taken for granted.
Asia Pulp and Paper US Chamber Commerce Event
21.05.2014 |
Indonesia’s Collaborative Effort
Collaboration is a term we learn about often in life. We learn about it in kindergarten when working on projects with several schoolmates; we learn about it as a young adult in sports where the coach teaches us to pass the ball down field to several players before scoring a goal, and we also learn...